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Looking in advance for a payment method to withdraw your wins? This is the right approach! Below, you'll find an overview of casinos that allow you to deposit and withdraw money through Cashlib.

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Top-Rated and Trusted Online Cashlib Casinos in New Zealand

Cashlib is a popular payment method at some online casinos in New Zealand. Those are coupons (a.k.a. vouchers or refills). By using them, consumers can buy products and services online, as well as top up balances in casinos.

The Cashlib prepaid card is secure electronic money. It is treated like cash but applied via the Internet. This option is great if you don’t have a credit or debit card or don’t want to use your card for online payments. Using Cashlib gift cards to pay online is easy and secure. You can pay for goods and services online without providing your bank information or card details, and you have full control over the amount charged. Looking in advance for a method to withdraw your wins on gambling websites? We have prepared fair casino reviews, which allow you to withdraw winnings in a Cashlib casino.

Table of Contents

How It Works

Not all systems recognize Cashlib as a means of payment. Certain websites and online casinos cooperate with this company as of today, so one has to check it before signing up and playing. If the platform accepts Cashlib, you can use it as a temporary payment card that works on the principles of VISA, MasterCard, etc. So, how should you pay for anything or get paid with Cashlib? In brief, it is enough to pick this method as a preferred one and enter the individual PIN code. What if you run out of money? Then, the voucher turns obsolete. Top up the balance in this case unless the coupon is not expired. You can check the balance to avoid running out of cash on the Cashlib official website.

Cashlib currently operates in some European countries and uses Euros. Gamblers from New Zealand, however, can still find online casinos that offer this payment method. It is possible to convert money from the Cashlib account into cryptocurrency.

As a rule, Cashlib coupons replace cash paid by payment card or bank transfer when buying goods or services on the web. A couple of ways are known to get these vouchers:

  1. Online: It is a more popular method nowadays. Prepaid Cashlib coupons/vouchers are offered on the Cashlib official website and at credible, time-tested recharge platforms where user security is well protected.
  2. From physical distributors: If you have no idea where to obtain Cashlib coupons close to you (or if it is possible at all), it might take a bit more time. To find the nearest distributor where you can get vouchers, go right to the Cashlib official website. They have a full list of options. For instance, you may want to find one in New Zealand or another region. Then, you can use cash.

If you choose a Cashlib casino, keep in mind that its vouchers are available for six months after purchase with a maximum value of €250/$250.

Step-by-Step Instructions

Start with purchasing a voucher. Some land-based stores and retailers sell Cashlib vouchers. On the company’s site, apply Where to Buy. This instrument asks you to type in a postal code and shows the spots in your area where it is possible to get vouchers. Once you decide on the voucher’s denomination, you will obtain an original 16-digit PIN code.

Only after that is high time to pick the online casino that deals with Cashlib. Just search for the information on the web to find out more about the casino’s library of slots and games, software operators, bonuses, security, support, feedback, and overall rating. Create an account in the Cashlib casino of your choice.

Sign in to your casino’s account and choose Cashier. Search for Cashlib and simply click on it to make it a preferred payment method.

Once you decide on the amount of money you wish to deposit to start playing in a chosen Cashlib casino, enter the voucher code of 16 digits and submit this info. Make sure you store your PIN in a safe, reliable place.

Why Pick a Cashlib Casino

Even though Cashlib is not as popular as other payment systems, it still has benefits that attract many consumers and gamblers in particular.

  • This online voucher system makes it possible for players to use/access the required amount of money almost instantly.
  • Highly secure and anonymous. Using a coupon does not require you to enter credit card information on all websites you visit.
  • No banks required. Say, you do not own an account in any bank. Well, the banking system is not the clue here. It is possible to purchase Cashlib vouchers from physical vending machines. Cashlib is almost a perfect option for those who want to shop online without dealing with land-based or online banks.

Sure, there is always a different side of the coin. Mind that Cashlib, which is based in the United Kingdom, is experiencing some issues because of Brexit.

How to Spend Money with Cashlib

Cashlib operates exclusively on the web, so an internet connection is a must. In other words, compared to many other payment options offered by online casinos, this method has no physical usage. You won’t be able to get physical cash unless you buy another currency for Cashlib.

Cashlib has been adopted primarily in the entertainment industry, including online gambling and new technology industries. Many fans of video games use the vouchers to make in-game or in-app purchases. For example, the vouchers are accepted on platforms like Google Play, Nintendo eShop, and Xbox Live. Still, Cashlib is especially popular with users of online gambling websites such as casinos with various games and slot machines and betting sites where users can enjoy sports betting.

Some exchanges also accept Cashlib for buying cryptocurrencies.


Is Cashlib free for those who gamble online?

The fees related to using Cashlib while playing online games and slot machines are absent. You can deposit or withdraw cash without hidden costs. Still, vouchers can be used only for one year. Users of Cashlib casinos should mind this period and hurry to use them as they will expire exactly on the due date. A player can still apply for a payment voucher that has expired, but, in this case, they will face some fees.

Is a Cashlib card secure enough to play in online casinos?

Not only is Cashlib secure, but it works really fast. The money transfers occur within seconds. This go-to payment option is simple to register and start using in various Cashlib casinos.

How is it using Cashlib in casinos?

It is quite a popular deposit alternative. Remember that only residents of certain regions of the world can pay and claim money via Cashlib. For instance, this option is available in Greece, Germany, New Zealand, France, the Netherlands, the UK, Russia, Turkey, Spain, and Poland.

Whаt іѕ thе lowest amount to dероѕіt at Саѕhlіb cаѕіnоѕ?

Тhе mіn dероѕіt is ten dollars or euros. A player can claim as much as over 5,000 dollars at once. However, to retrieve your money, it is necessary to meet certain wagering requirements. It is also vital to verify the account before playing.